Toast Wallet FAQ

What are the fees for using Toast Wallet?

Toast Wallet is free to use and always will be.

How do you make money then?

We consider Toast Wallet to be an investment in our good name and brand. We intend to provide XRP related services from in the future.

How do I know Toast Wallet is safe?

Toast Wallet is open source, you can view the full code at

That's the code, or so you claim, but how do I know what is actually running on my phone/device?

Our phone binaries are built directly from the GitHub repository using Adobe Phonegap's cloud build service, the output of which is here: Our PC binaries are built from the browser version of Toast Wallet using electron-builder. We welcome any third party to decompile/disassemble and inspect any of our binaries.

Do you send my Ripple secrets/accounts/wallet details to your servers?

No data is sent to our servers from Toast Wallet, ever. The only connection to the outside world that Toast Wallet makes is directly to the Ripple network.

If I lose my passphrase do I lose my wallet?

Provided you wrote down your recovery phrase you should be able to get it back.

How are my Ripple secrets stored on my device?

They are stored using PouchDB ( ). Specifically the secrets are heavily encrypted ( ) and then stored on your device. Your passphrase is used to generate a cryptographic key for storing your secrets. The PouchDB instance is never synced with any external server.

There are only 100000 possible PIN combinations, won't two people eventually have the same PIN and be able to access each other's XRP?

First, the PIN is not used to encrypt your secrets, it is just a privacy guard on the front of the app to stop your friends (whom presumably borrow your phone occasionally) from checking out how much XRP you have. Second, each time a passphrase is set on a Toast Wallet instance it is randomly salted, so even two identical passphrases on two different devices will produce two different keys. Finally Toast Wallet does not deterministically generate Ripple secrets, so no this could never happen.

I sent some XRP to a Toast Wallet account and now I can't get the last 20XRP out of Toast Wallet, is this a fee you charge?

We do not charge any fees. Toast Wallet is completely free to use and always will be. The 20 XRP reserve is a feature of the Ripple network. One day Ripple validators will lower the reserve requirement and free up these funds but for now they are locked.

Can I backup my Toast Wallet?

Yes use the settings menu.

Can I import a backup from a different wallet into Toast Wallet?

Yes, if you can obtain the Ripple secret from the other wallet you can import it into Toast Wallet using the Add Existing Account feature under + Add Account.

Can I export a backup from Toast Wallet into a different wallet?

Yes, click the account you wish to export then click Secret. Enter your passphrase and copy the Ripple secret for that account. Almost every Ripple wallet in existence allows you to import a Ripple secret.

I've lost my passphrase. How do I recover my wallet using my recovery phrase?

Go to change passphrase in the settings menu. Enter your recovery phrase where it says 'current passphrase' then reset your passphrase as normal.

I've forgotten my PIN and my passphrase

Tap the recovery icon at the top right of the PIN entry. Use your recovery phrase to reset your PIN. Then perform the steps in the question above to recover your passphrase.

I've forgotten my PIN and my passphrase and I didn't write down my recovery phrase.

You're out of luck. Should have written down your recovery phrase.